Sky Watch

Karen and I were down grilling (I’m learning!) the last tri-tip. When I noticed the beautiful blue-tinted sky towards Lanai. Soon a so-so sunset dramatically filled the whole western sky in blazes of color. I couldn’t pick the best so here are a few. p.s. Thank you Karen M. for the selfie remote control!

Storm Damage

I’m always fascinated with palm tree trimmers. After last Saturday’s storm, a few branches here were hanging by threads, so this guy saved us all from possible injury (the fronds are h-e-a-v-y) by quickly pulling them down. My dad was a phone company lineman and had climbing spikes we kids would play with but this guy used a platform that he moved up and down the tree with his arms and legs. Very strong, skilled guy!

A Hui Hou

Sunday was another (two in a row!) gorgeous day, the last day with our friends, who have a late evening flight home. Joe and Karen had been thwarted all week from seeing Haleakala because of the winter blizzard, but on this very last day the park re-opened and they headed out early. They also stopped at a beach with more than a dozen green sea turtles.

It was lunch for the rest of us at Frida’s Mexican Beach House. Walter was wearing his “Minnesota Corrections retired & proud” t-shirt, showing his support for Minnesota Corrections staff and he let me take a photo for the “Minnesota Corrections Family” Facebook page. Karen and Julie loved the salsa so much they took a photo of the recipe to make it at home. After lunch we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Karen and I went back to the condo, missing everyone, but we picked ourselves up and sat by the ocean all afternoon, with our fabulous! rented umbrella, reading and just watching the ocean. Back at sunset we snacked on Julie’s homemade cheese ball and enjoyed yet another beautiful sunset. Three more whole days for us.

Marine Traffic App

Grandpa Whitey lives on Madeline Island on Lake Superior and loves ships. He told me about the Marine Traffic app for identifying and getting info on ocean-going or Great Lakes ships. From our condo, we see all kinds of ships: barges pulled by tugs, submarines, cruise ships, Coast Guard, whale watch and tour boats, etc. I have been having a blast identifying the ships. For example, I saw the cruise ship pictured above going past our island; I’d been watching for it as friends of mine were aboard and we were hoping to meet up on Maui. But the ocean was too rough for them to stop so the captain made the decision to cruise around, hoping conditions would change and they could tender people to the island (but sadly, they never could). For $4.99, this is a lot of fun (and it gives much more info than I’m showing)!

Fun in the Sun (finally!)

First thing Saturday morning I had to do some serious whale and rainbow watching! Somebody has to!

For lunch, those of us who weren’t sunning ourselves pool-side (you know who you are!) went to Star Noodle. Karen and I always have the tempura prawns (have to!). She also got a drink she loved, the Aperol Spritz.

Mariann and Walter invited us to their place for Happy Hour at the ocean side pool at the Royal Lahaina Resort. Karen and I had the best time, everything was perfect: friends, ocean, whale watching, sand, sun, trade winds, temperature, and Mai Tais. I think Walter may have gone native and may not be going back to Minnesota.