Been a l-o-n-g month since I wrote because both Karen and I have had the worst cold of our lives )-: We’re finally starting to feel better though and are looking forward to celebrating EEK’s 36th birthday with our little family tonight.

A couple Saturdays ago we did take a day road trip with Tony and Bonnie, starting with breakfast at Marine Landing, right at the edge of the beautiful St. Croix River.  Then we headed south along the river, crossed over into Wisconsin, with the end destination of pizza at The Stone Barn in Nelson (  We had fun shop stops along the way and a snuck in local beers and appetizers.

Karen and I had planned an Ottawa trip over Labor Day to see family but ended up not going because (1) Harper had a medical procedure and I wanted to stay here in case we were needed, and (2) we didn’t feel great.  My sister JoAnn and her husband, brother Greg and his wife, and my mom all live in Ottawa.  My California brother Richard and his wife flew in as did my California nephew Derek and his girlfriend. Soooo disappointed I missed them but I don’t think we had the strength to do the 8-hour, 500-mile drive.  And we wouldn’t have been very good company.

I shot two videos that I love.  One is of Harper in our basement making up a song about Gus, as she pushes him aside and he runs around in the background.  Her microphone is a play cell phone and she performs facing a cement wall (covered with their art).

The other video is of Gus and Karen making their ritual lemonade. I love watching them together in the kitchen.  The only part of the process I missed (darn it!) was Gus fetching his stool by the front door and pushing it cross-country to the kitchen.

I’ve also added kid photos and a few pictures of downtown Stillwater, including the gorgeous view from Pioneer Park, a new roof top restaurant and a new pedal bike ride that gives an historical city tour. Looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try it out.


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