It’s been busy and fun in Lake Wobegon.  Thursday, a large-scale emergency drill happened on the St. Croix and I volunteered, along with about 300 others, to play a part in this event. The scenario: a wedding party was being held on a paddleboat, which struck the Stillwater Bridge. Many were “injured,” some even thrown in the water.  I was a husband who shows up wanting to know where my wife is and if she is hurt.

Before playing “a family member involved in an emergency” I had no idea of the resources and the specially trained personal needed to handle such an event. Most impressive. My instructions were to come into the emergency center a little on the desperate side and push my way to the front, frantically trying to learn about my wife condition.  I was so impressed with the skill and caring of those Red Cross workers who responded to my concerns. When the drill ended I asked the person who had been so helpful and kind to me about her background and she said she’s been a social worker for the county for 11 years.

Saturday I took part in training to be a Course Marshall for a fundraising half-marathon this coming Saturday. Neighbors of ours lost their son several years ago in a hiking accident in Idaho and in his memory, created a foundation to help families who lose loved ones in the wilderness.

Then that night Gus and Harper stayed for an overnight!   It just so happened that was the night of our neighborhood outdoor movie, a block from us in the park. So the kids got in their jammies, I made popcorn and we all trekked on over to see “The Lorax.” A perfect evening! Harper kept looking up and saying, “Look at the stars!”

We had promised the kids a trip to Teddy Bear Park after breakfast on Sunday, so that was our final fun thing. The kids are just nuts about this playground and when Big Kid Eric showed up it was even more fun for them. Eric then took H&G home for lunch with plans for naps and then off to a water park. Wish I could have gone!

Tomorrow is Harper’s 5th Birthday! Not sure how we will celebrate it here, but at 6:30 we’re going over to join the rest of her family at Weenonah Place for birthday cake, wishes and presents 🙂


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