Here, of course, are a few photos of Harper and Gus from this week, including a couple from Harper’s dance performance on Saturday—one of H in her pink tutu and tights and one of Gus in his birthday Lighting boots.

Favorite kid quotes from this week:

  • Gus, when asked what he wanted for Christmas: “ A motorcycle…. (long, thoughtful pause) a BIG one!”
  • Gus, when one of his art pens ran out of ink and Grandma said she was going to toss it: “Grandma, it just needs new batteries.”
  • Harper, when Karen told her she looked so pretty in her dance outfit: “ I look like someone else.”

Derek (in California) and Jake (in China) I shot the video especially for you.  The quality leaves a little to be desired but I hope you enjoy seeing the family.

Harper is seated on the floor at the start of the video straight across the room from me.  Right behind her you can see Zanna, EEK, Gus and Grandpa Whitey.


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