Karen and I drove down to Kansas Thursday morning to see Mom and to try and be of some support to JoAnn and Roger.  We were going to stay until Sunday morning but weather warnings of a Sunday ice storm changed our plans and we left Saturday afternoon. The rain and snow started late this morning.

Good news from Roger and JoAnn on the Mom-front: her diet was finally advanced this morning (after about two long weeks) from clear liquids to actual food. The oatmeal looked very good! Her pain medication pump was removed today so her can now just take her medication orally.  Roger said she also ate a good lunch and reported that her nurse said Mom’s pain seems less today.  Such good signs!

It was hard to see Mom feeling so bad and in so much pain.  She is doing better each day but the improvement is a lot slower than I thought it would be.  By the time I left the hospital each night I was emotionally exhausted.   I have no idea how Roger and JoAnn have been doing this for weeks.  I don’t have the words to express to them how much I appreciate their care of Mom.  They both have made a lot of personal sacrifices to do this and those of us who love Mom are indebted to them.