How is Hawaii?

Really, really wonderful. I’m thinking of Harper this morning while looking at all the pink of the “Pink Palace.” Pink building, pink umbrellas, pink striped towels, pink chairs, pink shirts on all the staff (except the beach guys). This is her kind of p(a)lace! When you pull up to the front door (we took a shuttle) your bags are whisked away and you’re escorted to a desk with chairs. Then served an icy drink of acia juice with tea, lemon, vanilla and something else I’m forgetting–so refreshing. We’re staying in the original building with (I bet) 15-foot ceilings, carved, probably koa, doors. Just beautiful. We woke at a respectful 5:20 and were down at breakfast overlooking Diamond Head right at sunrise for a short rib version of locomoco (David) and kalua pork hash (me). Added bonus: the cracks in my fingers are already 50% healed 🙂

Sitting poolside now, reading the local paper. Plan on just hanging out today, basking in this tropical air; I think the temp today is supposed to be in the high 70’s.

So that’s the early report from O’ahu 🙂