I just asked Karen, “What have we been doing since we got here?” Karen quickly said,  “Nothing.”  That sort of is true.

Every morning we go for a walk, read The Maui News, read the online papers from home and check emails. I also watch Kenny, the condo’s property manager, do his daily chores. Lots of beach time reading (I finished one book on gun violence and started another on Hawaiian myth), whale-and-other-wild-life watching, and camera hunting for a great photo of a sea turtle to show Gus. (I don’t know why I think Gus needs to see a photo of a Hawaiian sea turtle, but the truth is I feel compelled to make this happen.) As you will see from my photos, I have not had great luck with this important project.

We’ve also been scouting for a special gift for Gus as Karen already has one for Harper—again without much luck. Karen sees a lot of potential for a creative clothing graphic designer for young boys; she thinks everything looks insipid or scary (lots of sharks).

Today was our first whale watch of this vacation; I’m sure there’ll be more. Whales, whales everywhere, though this time out nothing stupendous. But Karen and I love just being out on the beautiful ocean with the backdrop of Hawaiian islands.

Every night we celebrate sunset and I blow the conch shell.   Blowing the conch shell has become a fun tradition.  Last night the managers, Kenny and JoAnn, hosted pupu’s at sunset for all the guest at the condo.  This is a much loved thursday night tradition at Hoyochi Nikko.

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