Mom is back home in her apartment at Vintage Park in Ottawa!

Just heard from JoAnn that she picked up Mom at the Rehabilitation Facility this morning and took her home. Mom is happy to finally be home and JoAnn is excited to finally have her home. Mom is doing very well recovering from her cancer surgery. She is in some pain but that seems like it is the result of her fall the first night at the rehabilitation facility. Mom may have fractured some ribs.

This difficult journey began on January 12 when mom was admitted to the hospital. She had surgery to remove the cancer in her colen on January 22 and then sent to the rehabilitation facility on January 30th. Then today the circle was completed with her return home.

Thank you all for the cards, phone calls, flowers, prayers and visits! I especially want to thank JoAnn and Roger. We boys and mom are so blessed to have them taking such good care of her.