I know JoAnn and Amber watch Top Chef.  One of the final contestants is chef Sheldon who has the Star Noodle restaurant on Maui, not far from us.  Karen discovered it a few years ago right after it opened.  We tried to go there for lunch yesterday but at 12:30 it was packed so we went back today and went a lot earlier.  I don’t ever remember a crowd there before, so I’m guessing the restaurant has gained many more customers as a result of the show.  I took a few photos of the place for JoAnn and Amber.

Later today, we headed down to our beach for some serious reading time. I finished the book on Hawaiian myths and started “Black White Blue” which is about the 1970 assassination of St. Paul Police Officer Sackett. Karen recommended it after she read a book by the same author on the murder of Carol Thompson (who was murdered in our old Highland Park neighborhood).  Her husband was found guilty of having her murdered and he was in Stillwater Prison when I started in corrections.

Very much looking forward to Valentine’s Day which we’ll celebrate, as always when we’re here, at Mama’s Fish House on Maui’s north shore.  I know of no other place like it; the food is outstanding, the restaurant is beautiful on the inside and it’s situated on a stunning stretch of ocean front.

Now you might think a February vacation with your honey in Maui would be paradise. Well it is very nice but it also has its hardships and in the interests of presenting a balanced view of our trip I’ll give you a couple of examples from today.  This morning I woke up a little earlier then usual and besides the usual soothing sound of the ocean waves I heard a motor running and could not go to back to sleep until I had figured out what it was.  I discovered Karen had let the exhaust fan run. Can you believe it?! I had to shut it off and go back to bed. Then this afternoon while at the beach, I reached for the glass of ice with a lime in it to add my Diet Coke and found Karen (again!) had already squeezed the lime into the glass.  You might think that was a nice thing to do, but some of the ice had melted and it watered down the lime. See how tough things really are here!

My mother in Kansas continues to struggle to recover from her surgery.  JoAnn kindly keeps me updated every day.  I did talk to Mom today and she sounded a little stronger the she did yesterday.  When we get home we’ll take care of Harper and Gus for two days and then we’ll fly down to Kansas to see Mom. I watched Karen struggle with lots of hard issues with her mom’s dementia and now it is very hard and sad to watch JoAnn go through similar issues with Mom.  I wish I knew what I could do to help them both.

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