Our days here basically revolve around walking, lunching, whale watching, reading, swimming, and sunset honoring. So let’s start off with a lunch update: Two days ago it was at Honu, a small restaurant on the ocean, named for the green sea turtles that abound. (JoAnn and Roger may remember this place as Snorkel Bob’s.) The owner’s guiding principle is “Live Aloha;” he’s even written a book about it. Anyway, the food is outstanding!  I had a lemon/gingerade with monchong (a fish) served on a bed of quinoa.  All new flavors to me and absolutely delicious.

Later as I was putting ear drops in before and after my snorkel/swim I thought about how grateful I am to Joe McQuillan, friend and fellow retired lieutenant. I’d been plagued with ear infections after swimming most of my life, but a few years ago he told me about the drops his daughter’s swim team uses. And since I’ve been using them too, I’ve not had one single ear infection. Thank you, Joe!

Years ago I started blowing the conch shell at sunset while in Hawaii.  Last night however, was a first.  I had a fan ask me for an encore! And for our drinking pleasure Karen created a Key Lime & Blood Orange Daiquiri which was as beautiful as it was delicious.

For Valentine’s Day we took the hour drive to Mama’s Fish House for lunch.  Most of the drive is along the ocean so it is a stunning drive.  And then, of course, the food, view and company were outstanding.  I had the mahimahi stuffed with lobster and crab and baked in a macadamia nut crust—out of this world.  My drink was a “Pau Hana” (pow HAH-nah) which, Paul Halonen and Greg Korte, I think would be a fitting name for a family compound as it roughly translates as “end of work.” On the way home we received a video message from E&Z&H&G wishing us a Happy Valentines Day.  Man oh man do I miss those kids!

And, sadly, another day full of conversation back and forth with JoAnn about Mom. She fell last night and ended up with a goose egg on her head.  Then the staff gave her the wrong medication so she had to go to the ER.  The wrong medications were not a serious problem and they did find that she has a UTI and a hiatal hernia. This little lady could use a break! She’s back home now at Vintage Park and I hope and pray for healing and peace!IMG_0325 IMG_0340 obs_sickle_pomfret5 IMG_0376 photo IMG_0361 IMG_0366 IMG_0373 IMG_0367 photo IMG_0346 IMG_0349 IMG_0347 IMG_0335 photo IMG_0378