Special Edition today.

Two years ago Karen discovered Star Noodle, a new restaurant in an out-of-the-way area of Maui’s industrial park. The eclectic Asian food is excellent and we’ve become frequent flyers.

On this season’s “Top Chef,” one of the final contestants is Sheldon from … Star Noodle! We’ve been cheering him on from the beginning (of course!) and today, when we were there (ordering ramen), he pops out of the kitchen and starts clearing tables. Instantly recognized, he made the rounds, graciously having his photo taken with his fans, including Karen! She was a very happy camper. He’s got a huge aloha smile and seems in person, like a great guy.

As a less important but small-world-interesting side note, Karen and I were eating lunch at the counter when we discovered the couple next to us was from Little Canada, right down the road from where Eric works and I pick up H&G. I have to admit I wasn’t crazy about being seated there (and maybe I was even a little bit of a poop-head about it) but it was fun watching the chefs do their thing and chatting with this couple from Minnesota.


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