Laziness is definitely upon us. Any ambition or drive we may have had has evaporated. Karen and I talked about snorkeling at Airport Beach this afternoon but after another wonderful lunch at Honu, it just seemed like too much work (!) so we hung out at our condo’s beach instead. Definitely looking forward to Richard & Judy (my brother and sister-in-law) and Susan & Cal (Judy’s sister and brother-in-law) who are coming to Maui next week. Maybe they can motivate us to leave “our” beach. Or maybe not.

I check in with JoAnn every day to see how she and Mom are doing and was tickled when she texted me that she had put up a new photo outside Mom’s door. Fun to see the photo of H&G but heartbreaking to see Mom’s bruised face from her two falls.

I hope these photos can bring you some warmth as I’ve stopped counting the number of Facebook and email friends who’ve said winter has gotten way too long and they are tired of it. Or if this helps, our last two days have been rainy, windy and cool. We even had to put on sweatshirts!

photo IMG_0420 IMG_0429 IMG_0439 IMG_0415 photo