Amazingly, we’ve had a rainy week. Maui has been in a 4-year drought and we’ve just had five straight days of rain, and not just Maui mist, but hard rain. Nevertheless we made the most of it and enjoyed watching the rain clouds move over the ocean and between Molokai and Lanai. And a mystery was solved! We could not figure out how rain could be falling all around us without a cloud in the sky. Really! Then one night the local TV weather guy mentioned the trade winds are so strong at times that showers are pushed over the mountain to our leeward side.  Questioned answered!

Karen and I went to the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua for breakfast and then to a cultural presentation including the movie, “Then There Were None.”  Auntie San was there to give background information and answer questions.  Karen and I were the only ones there so we had a wonderful one-on-one time with Auntie.  The movie is about the effect of Western culture on the native Hawaiians. Not for the faint of heart because although we brought literacy we also brought so much disease that around 95% of the Hawaiians were killed. And we stole the land. And we tried really hard to wipe out their language and culture. It’s a long sad story. But still it’s better to know than not know.

And then we finally made it back to Airport Beach, one of my favorites because of its beauty and great snorkeling. The water was crystal clear and I even saw my favorite fish, the humuhumunukanukaapua’a! While there I checked in on Facebook to say this is where I’d like my ashes spread and then I’d like a great friends and family beach party. A dear friend wrote back to say he did not want to rush me to my grave but it’s been a hard, long winter and he needs a break.  (-:

Karen’s having great fun creating drinks for our sunset time.  Her latest was fresh pineapple daiquiris.  I think she should write her own recipe book on sunset drinks.

We had lunch at the Gazebo the other day, which is famous for breakfast (and long lines). It’s right on the water and the wait staff have been there forever. The lunch was so-so but it came with a macadamian nut/banana/pineapple pancake that even Karen-the-pancake-hater loved.

While walking through the parking lot we came across two beautiful BBQ trailers.  My nephew Paul made one several years ago and has since been catering big events. So I had to take photos of the trailers for him.  He also shares our deep love for Maui.

Richard and Judy arrive late this afternoon and stay until next Sunday, when we all leave for home. Tomorrow Judy’s sister and brother-in-law arrive.  Who knows what adventures we all find….

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