Sunday Richard and Judy arrived and Karen and I went out to greet them. And what a hoot! Waiting with us was an older, overweight guy in the grass shirt and coconut bra who had a great spirit; I thought my brother Greg was the only guy with enough nerve to wear this outfit.

Richard and Judy have a place at the Westin and it is absolutely gorgeous. I took photos of the lobby with its evening lighting and a lily pad flower floating in one of its many ponds.   We had dinner at the hotel’s Italian restaurant; the food was so good Karen was thinking about it a day later. And our waitress was so cheerful Karen asked if she wanted to share why she was in such a good mood.  She was bursting with excitement to tell us of that day’s plane lesson.  Maui has had a lot of rain and she said the waterfalls around Hana were full and flowing.  Then the instructor decided it was time for her to learn how to come out of a dead man’s drop.

Next morning the gang had breakfast at Dukes (recommended by Scott Korte, thank you very much!). Food, location, and company were outstanding.  The finale was a humpback doing multiple tail slaps just off shore. Yes!

This morning there was a rainbow that caught Karen’s eye (there are so many you can be picky about which ones are photo-worthy). This one looked as if the rainbow was holding back the gray clouds from the space underneath. Well see if you can see what she saw ….

Judy’s sister and brother-in-law arrived yesterday afternoon. And then today we all took an extraordinary “Walk and Talk “with Clifford Nae’ole, cultural advisor at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.  He talked about how native Hawaiians see the world as well as medicinal herbs, wellness, spirituality, artifacts, art and the history of the Honokahua burial site. Karen wants to apprentice herself to him 🙂 Afterwards, Karen and I introduced the troops to Honu for lunch. With opakapaka (dore style) on the menu, it was a slam dunk for most of us.

Now it’s time for pupus and sunset drinks! Aloha!

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