One morning Karen suggested we walk up the hill to the airport for a change of walking pace.  I had my doubts whether or not we’d get to the top, but check out the photo 🙂 This is the infamous airport where we spent about six hours a few years ago waiting to see if our condo was going to be washed away in a tsunami.

Last night Richard, Judy, Cal and Susan invited us for dinner at the Westin. Between Cal, Susan and Karen the food was of course great. Susan wanted to learn how to blow the conch shell, so I did my best to teach her. And this was Top Chef finale night so at 8:00 p.m. we huddled around the TV, with Karen bringing everyone up-to-date on the competition. And then before Karen and I headed home, we all took a lovely night walk along the boardwalk next to the ocean. We star gazed too, but all of us need some work in this area.

Today was Whale Watching day and conditions were ideal with whales, whales everywhere. Saw lots of moms and calves as well as many competition pods. Then just before we headed back to Lahaina, five of us were lined up in the back, watching off the stern when we saw the turquoise shadow of an adult whale RIGHT off the stern. It surfaced, exhaled, dipped its head, then slowly slipped into the water. I saw the tail end 🙂

All that whale watching made for very hungry campers, so we hit the Hula Grill and ordered (mostly) fish sandwiches and tacos. The fish here is consistently excellent and this lunch was no exception—everything was perfect. And then we were so full we decided to cancel our dinner reservations and just gather at their place again for drinks and clean-out-the-refrigerator pupus. And of course conch blowing lessons for anyone who’s interested. (I first need to figure out how I do it ….)


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