H&G highlights this week:

  • playing cave (or nest). Gus never tires of this. I stretch out my legs to the ottoman and then throw a blanket over my legs.  He jumps between my legs and then builds his little space. You wouldn’t know it from the photo (this was the day he lost his smile and we had a hard time finding it) but he did have a great time.
  • acting as guinea pigs to test out Grandma’s latest version of cake donuts—she’s trying to replicate The World’s Best Donuts in Grand Marais. She’s still in pursuit.
  • creating artwork in the snow with the orange plastic sticks the snow removal company uses to mark the sidewalks, etc. H&G had me in tow as they scoured the neighborhood to find the best places to create their masterpieces.
  • The days ended back at EEK’s work with carefully strategized snowball attacks on Poppy. One day we hid on the side of the building with premade snow balls and another day we were by the front entrance looking innocent but were hiding a bucket of snow. Harper always made the point that this was for fun and we were to be sure not to hurt Poppy.

And in other news:

My sister JoAnn and her daughter Amber are on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate her 60th birthday in style.  I turn 62 in May and recently applied for social security but thinking about my baby sister turning 60 made me feel older.  Not much contact with the cruisers but did get one beautiful photo of them at a beach. And JoAnn just texted saying she’s ordered a double blue Hawaiian at the pool (on the back of the ship) as it takes off for the next port.  Sounds like they’re having a blast. I posted this black and white photo of JoAnn and me at 108 West Street in Emporia Kansas.

Today was apheresis day and Snowstorm Day! As I drove s-l-o-w-l-y into St. Paul, I was asking myself why I would go through so much effort. Then I saw on the waiting room board that some of today’s platelets were for a four-year-old boy having a kidney transplant.  My question was answered.


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