To quote Gus today, during our picnic by the river, “What a nice day!”

After our interminable winter, and with a sunny, spring-warm day today, Grandma, Gus, Harper and I were in great moods and ready for everything summer has to offer.  So after slathering on sunscreen we headed out to Teddy Bear Park for an hour or so and then onto the St. Croix River (by the lift bridge) for a picnic lunch. The kids had fun—of course—throwing sticks in the river, however it was high and moving fast so I was busy keeping them safe. Soon Grandma had lunch ready so we all sat down for our picnic and chatted while watching the boats, floating logs, and the lift bridge rising to let the boats through. For desert, Karen had the great idea of walking a block to Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop for ice cream—Gus and Harper had strawberry and I maple nut 🙂 Then it was home for naps.

The kids and I love surprising EEK as he comes out of work. In the winter it’s easy—snowballs, in various incarnations (sometimes buckets are involved). I know many of you are thinking this is my idea, but it’s usually H’s idea and sometimes Gus’s. Today, finally with no snow to throw, Harper thought we should throw grass, so that was our surprise. But I did manage to find a water bottle with enough water to do some damage!

Miscellaneous photos: last week, Karen Gus and I went to the Stillwater library.  And then, back at home, I saw Gus’s book stack and Grandma’s book stack—you can tell they are related.  The photo of Gus in his frog raincoat was on the way out to help me check the mail, always a favorite chore for the kids!

I really did think we were done house hunting, but last Sunday we thought we’d go to a few open houses, just ‘cause. In addition to the five Karen had mapped out, I wanted to check out a condo in Edina. I had to sweet talk her into it though as she had been underwhelmed with the MLS photos. Short story: we both loved it! We’re going back Wednesday with our realtor, Saint Phyllis, to look at all the units that might fit us.  We are hopeful!   Phyllis has helped us with several home sales, many sales for our friends, and she earned her saint wings helping us buy and sell homes for Karen’s mom. Does anyone know anything about these condos or the area?



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