A Magic Carpet Ride and more!

What a day we had yesterday!  Our dear friends Tony & Bonnie planned a Saturday for us four, starting with a graduation brunch for the daughter of a college buddy.

Then onto the American Swedish Institute to see a glass exhibit. But what I enjoyed most was touring the original castle (the only one in the Twin Cities!) with its rich and detailed woodwork and plasterwork. Karen thought that this craftsmanship totally eclipsed the glass art. There were also sculptures throughout the Institute and one that caught Karen’s eye was of a blackbird sitting on a head … because … when she was a teenager, biking around Lake Minnetonka with a friend, a black bird landed on her head and would not fly away.  Somehow (?!) she finds this imagery a lot in her travels.

The highlight of the day however was the next event, a Segway tour of the historic Minneapolis Riverfront (MagicalHistoryTours.com). I think we were all a little nervous right at the start, but the staff did a great job getting everyone comfortable operating the Segway. And, despite the downpour that ended our trip at the first stop on the Stone Arch Bridge, we had an absolute blast!!! Karen said it was like having a magic carpet ride. But since it was raining buckets our tour guide offered to end the trip and refund everyone’s money, and we took her up on that offer. But we’ll definitely be back! I mentioned to Tony that only he could have gotten Karen to do the Segway ride but he didn’t believe me. Karen however confirmed it 🙂

The plan was to go to the Smack Shack for dinner, but we were all drenched at that point, so agreed to reschedule that too.

In other news:

We found a condo (finally) we love! It’s Grandview Square in Edina. Karen has her eye on 2104 with its nice kitchen, built-in bookshelves and large brick terrace. We are excited about being a lot closer to E&Z&H&G, enjoying city amenities, and having a much smaller carbon footprint by living in a much smaller space with a lot less stuff. So … we put our house up for sale this week.  The buying traffic has been remarkably different than our experience with selling a single family home in the city—much, much, much slower. We’ve had one open house (4 people), a tour of local real estate agents (4 people) and three private showings with one of the couples coming back the second time.

With all the cloudy, cold, rainy days, we’ve only made it to Teddy Bear Park with the kids twice this spring. Karen did get watercolors and heavy paper for the kids, so they’ve been churning out piles of artwork every day. What is it about watercolors?

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandfathers I know.  Bless you for all you do for your kids and grandkids and for the important lessons you teach by your example.

Watching my son Eric love and care for his kids has been a great gift and lesson for me as to what makes a good father.  Especially when Harper was so sick, seeing his pain but also forgetting his own needs to concentrate on her care and at the same time making sure Gus was well cared for too.

My father was a man of simple needs.  He loved his family and kids and put them always first.  I see my dad in my son.

A few days ago I got a text from Rosanna about Father’s Day plans.  I secretly wanted to spend time with Eric, Harper, Gus, and Grandpa Whitey and to have some of Eric’s homemade barbeque and one or two of Eric’s home brews.  (My dad home brewed.) I’m so tickled that that is exactly what is going to happen.

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