At last  ….

Karen’s been feeling very sorry for herself this week. Because. Last year the picnic birthday party she wanted (with E&Z&H&G& me) at Pioneer Park got cancelled as it was so bleepin’, record-setting hot. Then this year she planned another picnic birthday at Minnehaha Falls but we had to cancel because I was sick with a cold, ear infection and pink eye. By Sunday though I was feeling a lot better so Karen packed up the picnic basket and we all headed to Sea Salt.

The Minneapolis contingent biked over to the park, which is beautiful and a fun place for the kids to run around. We ordered fish dinners and beer while Karen and Gus spread out the “picnic” (i.e., tablecloth) and put out some munchies.  It was a delicious birthday dinner, fun to catch up (the kids had been up to Zanna’s dad’s place on Madeline Island for several days), drink a few local beers, put ice down each others back, sing happy birthday to Karen and have H&G help her blow out the candles.

All is now well with Karen’s world.


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