Haven’t been feeling well for a month and so no oomph to write. About the only time I feel good is when Harper and Gus are around.  They make me laugh and are so full of life, even about the smallest thing, that I can’t help but feel better.

The dire inventory is: sore throat, raspy voice and left ear full of pressure. I’ve been to Urgent Care twice, my internal medicine doc once, and this coming Tuesday have an appointment with ENT.  I’m praying for relief especially from the ear and head pressure.

When I was recently in Kansas at my Uncle Gene’s funeral a bunch of us cousins were sitting around after dinner having a great chat.  My cousin Eileen mentioned how much fun it’s been to have so many of us on Facebook and how it brings us together even though we all live far away and hardly even see each other.  Then she made the brainstorm: let’s have our own FB family page.  So this was right up my alley, so as soon as I got home I set up a Fladung (my Mom’s side of the family) page and it has been amazing, fun and even educational.  Family members (multi-generational!) are sharing old and new photos and family recipes of dishes we all loved as kids.

So little action on selling our house it hardly feels  it is up for sale—only six showings in about two months. Karen and I do have getting-the-house-ready-for-a-showing down to a science though. We know THE buyer has just not walked through the door yet.  We have picked out a couple buildings we love—when the time comes to actually buy a new place—one in Edina and one in Mendota Heights. Harper does NOT want us to sell our “most beautiful” house. But please wish us well in our goal to live closer to our little family.

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