On this beautiful Sunday afternoon I’ve been reflecting on the past week and, in short, it’s been fun, busy and anxiety-filled.

I’m finally (yea!) feeling better, almost back to my old self. I saw a very thorough ENT doctor and it turns out my hearing is good (despite what Karen says) except in the high frequency range; he said I might have trouble hearing conversations in a crowded restaurant. Maybe that is why I’m always asking for a quiet table? My brother Richard said as we age it is common to lose that frequency; that made me feel better too.

Sunday we had lunch with Kris, Blair and Heidi at Maynard’s on Lake Minnetonka. I always enjoy spending time with Karen’s family and wish we saw them more.

Monday was set-up time for Night to Unite, so while Gus napped, Harper helped the neighbors and me put up tents, tables and decorations. She’s a great worker and enjoyed hanging out with Bob and Penny (who later knocked at the door with balloons for the kids). We were out of books, so we had to make a stop at the Stillwater Library. I never tire of watching the kids nestle close to Karen as she reads to them.

Wednesday, while Gus was at the chiropractor, Harper wanted to go for a walk, so we made our way across the road to Axdahl’s farm and picked up corn. She spent most of the trip teaching me all the ways there are to skip. Easily the most fun trip to the farm store I’ve ever made!

Many times Karen and I have traveled north of Stillwater to Marine on St. Croix for breakfast. A few days ago though we headed there for the Friday-night-only BBQ. The ribs, view and company were wonderful. Karen says, and I agree, we’re trying to fill ourselves full of all things Stillwater before we move. Interestingly (karmic full circle?) the realtor who sold us our townhouse was there too. We’ve only seen her once in the nine intervening years, so it was nice to meet up once more as we say our goodbyes to this little town.

Saturday was the annual Lake Elmo Fire Department pancake breakfast. I worked with fire chief Greg Malmquist for many years; he was the industry foreman while I supervised the security staff. A great guy! Nick Witter was there too. A Lake Elmo volunteer fire fighter, he also was a good, young corrections officer at Oak Park Heights’ when I worked there. He just received a well-deserved promotion to sergeant.

My dear Aunt Rosie, Mom’s sister, has had ongoing medical issues after her stroke a few months ago. After being hospitalized a second time, she was finally able to move into the same assisted living place Mom is in. I hope it will be good for the both of them.

Now for the anxiety-filled part. We found another condo we love at the Summit of Mendota Heights. It is very beautiful but very small, 1347 square feet. It’s on the top floor so it has 10-foot ceilings, 8-foot doors and looks out over woods. We did finally get an offer on our place but the buyer low-balled it. So we countered but she didn’t want to go any higher than her initial offer. Then our realtor suggested we ask her to increase her offer a bit and ask the seller of the condo to come down a bit and we all win. So that was a few days ago and we haven’t heard back yet so … I think we’re in for some more waiting.

I tossed in a few pictures of the kids playing with the light necklaces (what are they called?) in the dark garage.  And there is another of Gus delicately investigating red berries (and what are they called?) at his dad’s work.

Hope this finds you all well. Peace!


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