Today was open house at Gus’s new day care. Karen and I met Z&G there so we could learn the Pick Up process. The place felt to me like the farm of any of my relatives in Kansas, with goats and so many fun areas to explore. We all met his teachers and got a look at the classroom, but it was crazy-busy inside, overwhelming for all of us, but especially Gus. But once we headed outside, Gus made a bee-line for the kid-sized barn and played in there for a long time. I don’t think we even saw half of the grounds so it will be fun to see more after next week. (I loved the place so much I asked a staff member if I could come along with Gus.)

Next we headed over to Buon Giorno’s for lunch and got in at the tail-end of Grandma Kakie’s lunch with H&G (Thursdays are her day with the kids). After using the restroom, we passed through the empty wine room where H wanted to sit at a huge wooden table and have “a meeting.”  I can’t remember what the meeting was about and nobody took minutes. Then the kids campaigned to see “our” condo (which is far from being a done deal), so we all headed over there. The kids claimed the space as theirs, climbing on walls, running around the grounds, and peering in the front door with H exclaiming: “You have a ballroom!!!!


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