Karen and I just returned from a stunningly beautiful and fun trip to Oregon.  We flew out Friday and back Sunday but saw and did so much that it seemed much longer.

Cal and Susan invited us months ago to join them for a Timberline Lodge fundraiser.  Cal is on the board of Friends of Timberline, the organization that oversees the care of Timberline Lodge, located at the base of Mt. Hood. So we all gathered Saturday for the auction and dinner.

Along for the adventure were my much older 🙂 brother Richard and his wife Judy, along with Cal’s cousin Tom and his wife Kathy.

Susan and Cal spoiled us with their warm and generous hospitality, fantastic cooking, and an absolutely beautiful 3-mile mountain hike, all despite Susan’s recent fall and 18 stitches on her knee.

And it was great seeing Amber who joined the Elders for lunch the day we flew in as well as breakfast—with her friend James—the day we flew out. (And thanks for the ride to the airport, Brie!).


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