We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday at E&Z&H&G’s as Harper will be recovering from a tonsillectomy next week and she thought we should celebrate early. Eric built a beautiful fire in the fireplace and we all ate VERY well. Even with lots of music and dancing we somehow managed to sneak in some Korte wresting. As most of you know, Harper has been suffering for months with every form of congestion so I hope and pray this surgery will be a welcome relief to her and her parents.

I can’t forget to mention that the pilgrims came calling: Auntie Mary, Auntie Jane, and John which added great fun to the festivities. This dinner was also a send-off for Mary who leaves Tuesday for eight months in Alaska, where she’ll be helping a family care for their mushing dogs.  I look forward to updates on her adventures.  Auntie Jane also did some mushing in her time in Bethel, Alaska. Must run in the family (oops, pun not intended)!

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