Hear ye! Hear ye! Our 2 1/2-month remodeling project has officially ended with the painters finishing yesterday! Alleluia!!!!

It is impossible for me to look at a sample of paint and have any idea what it would look like on the walls, so Karen is always on her own when it comes to picking out colors. She loves the process but this time, after trying and trying to figure it out, she decided to hire Mary Jo, the woman who has staged our last two houses for sale. Watching the two of them was fascinating to me—all the different variables they considered.  In the end Karen picked out Lenox Tan for the rooms with natural light and Shaker Beige for the rooms with no windows. And I have to say, the condo looks wonderful!

Since May, Karen and I have been busy selling a house, finding a house, buying a house, moving and remodeling.  Now we are both looking forward to some sort of quiet, boring routine. A friend of ours today suggested maybe we need a PJ day—and I think she’s right!

This week’s fun included having both H&G on Monday and Tuesday because the extreme cold caused the closing of schools and day cares. And on Thursday night, the newly elected mayor of Minneapolis hosted a free showing of her favorite movie, Die Hard, at a local theater. Eric, Karen and I all love the movie too and took advantage of seeing it again on the big screen. With real butter on the popcorn! The Mayor introduced the movie, talked about why it was her favorite (she didn’t know though she’s seen it 40+ times!) and tweeted comments throughout the movie. The audience was totally into it and we had a ball.

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