Maui Vacation: Day 1.

Our first fight left Minneapolis Friday at 1130 a.m.  We were somehow selected for TSAprecheck so we didn’t have to remove shoes, belts, jackets, do anything special with liquids, or take out the computer. I love this!

We had a smooth ride to LA and then a long 4-hour layover. Left LA on time and got into Kahalui Maui at 9:30 pm Maui time (11:30 MN). Two hours later we were tucked in our cozy bed 🙂 Long day but we felt fine and happy to be at our second home.

Maui Vacation: Day 2

We have no groceries, so had breakfast at Pioneer Inn (that’ll be mahimahi Benedict for me). Then at lunch I had a mahimahi sandwich. So a near perfect day. A perfect day would be three meals of fish, but we skipped dinner because, strangely, we weren’t hungry.

At breakfast the waitress said she knew us from another one of our favorite restaurants, Aloha Mixed Plate, as she also works there. Running into people we’ve met here, really makes it feel like home.

One of Karen’s old friends is here with her husband, just two condos south of us. They started working together at the old St. Paul-Ramsey Hospital in 1975. Anyway, we had lunch with them and spent a great afternoon together on their lanai, chatting and doing serious whale and turtle spotting.

Our dear friends John and Irene are once again managing Hoyochi Nikko after an absence of just over a year. Today John was rebuilding the steps from a lanai to the pool.  Also saw friends Pat and Mike; Mike and I like to ceremoniously blow our conch shells at sunset. We’re pretty good if do say so myself!

So the sun has set at 6:21 and I’m on the lanai with my bride. Life is so good. I can’t quite come to terms yet with being able to wear just a tee shirt and shorts outside. And my dry, cracked Minnesota skin is almost healed.

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