Maui Vacation: Day 3

Rolled out of bed around 5:00. Very surprisingly, neither of Karen nor I have jet lag; we felt great even yesterday.  And so our routine begins: (1) go down and chat with the property managers, John and Irene, as they go about their daily chores, (2) brew some Kona coffee and have breakfast (3) read the Maui paper and emails and (4) walk about two miles. Today, at the midpoint of our walk, we stopped to take a picture of Maui Brewing and so I could email it to my beer geek son.  J

Lunch was at our ol’ standby, Aloha Mixed Plate. Right on the ocean, surfboard tables, simple peasant food—what’s not to love. Then, as the box of books we shipped to ourselves has yet to arrive—hopefully tomorrow—we made a book store run for Karen. I’m not much of a reader until I get to Hawaii, and then I can go through a stack of books. I just finished A Captain’s Duty by Captain Phillips—the movie, which I really enjoyed, was based on this book. (Blair, I think I’ll send it to you.)

Then we beached it for the rest of the afternoon: swimming, reading, and chatting with my friend Mike from California. He and I share an interest in water management; he’s a. water board commissioner and I was on the Washington County Grounds Water advisory board (and my son works for a watershed district). I believe water will be the next large resource issue affecting the entire country.

The day ended with a submarine sighting followed by a beautiful sunset.

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