Maui Vacation: Days 5 and 6


Has anyone else ever heard of this: getting rid of a cough by putting Vicks on the soles of the feet? I read about this on Facebook and thought it might help Karen with her lingering cough from a cold. So we stopped at a drug store and she got into a conversation with the cashier and another customer and they all had stories about this “cure.”  Anyway, it did seem to work on the cough though sleep was elusive. Hmmm.

On our morning walk and we took photos for a color project Karen wants to do, so we shot flowers for color, texture, form and light.

Z&H&G called to facetime. We wanted to tell the kids about the ocean and turtles and whales and all that kind of stuff. But what Harper wanted to know was what room would she and Gus be sleeping in. She told me to show her their room as well as where Grandma and Grandpa will be sleeping. They are flying in Thursday afternoon and will be staying in the condo next door.  The last three days of their trip, E&Z are heading over to Molokai and the kids will be staying with us.

The humpback whale activity is really down this year—slower than it’s ever been. And this is usually the most active month.

Lot of reading today oceanside. And then we had Nancy and Rusty over for the perfect Maui dinner: fish (ono) with a delicious salad.


After breakfast we took a scenic and a tad rigorous walk with Nancy and Rusty on a seaside trail we’d never been on before by the Ritz Carlton; the views were wonderful and there were just enough rocks and hills to let you know you were on a hike.  My brother Richard and his wife Judy are coming over on 23rd and I think they’d love this walk. Richard does geocaching and I wonder if he can find a geocach here….

After lunch the usual tough job: reading books on this beautiful beach.  While down at the beach, our friend Pat said I was welcome to try her rented paddleboard. So she gave her husband Mike and me a quick lesson and off we went. It was so much fun and the views were just breathtaking.  I hope to do it again before they return them.  Maybe see if E&Z want to try and we could take over the rental.

So excited for our VIP arrivals tomorrow!  Z sent us a few photos of their nail preparations for the Maui trip.  J

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