The kids woke up at 3:45 am and so what to do but go swim in the ocean! By moonlight! Some of us got up later and joined them. I had made reservations at Mama’s Fish House for our Valentine’s Day lunch, so after hours of swimming we all showered and dressed and headed out for the other side of the island. We’ve been to Mama’s (my most favorite restaurant anywhere) many times, but for the first time we got to meet Mama! She came to our table and introduced herself—she must be in her 90’s. As always, the food and ambiance were perfect, located as it is on a beautiful beach.  Back at the condos we had a little more time for water fun before Karen and I had to head back to Kahalui for a concert at the Maui Cultural Center. Amy Hanaiali’i is one of our favorite singers and she gave the concert in the MCC’s new open-air courtyard. I was able to get great seats for us, just one table away from the stage. Amy was accompanied by her 3-piece band, 8-piece string section, and a hula dancer. Amy’s 7-year-old daughter also performed hula for two songs.

Our friends Mike, Pat and Irene left to go back to California.  But before they did, Mike looked like he said a long goodbye to the ocean, so I snapped a shot. I really enjoy having friends here.

I was fascinated watching the crew who came to trim the palm trees at our condo. They come every three months; they’re all from Tonga, where they learned to climb coconut palms as young boys to get coconuts for barter. John had them save two coconuts for H&G. He said he’d open them with his machete when the kids want him to.

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