Today was whale watch day with the Pacific Whale Foundation (a nonprofit for whale research).  Big boat, very stable and they have naturalist on board.  On the way back to port they gave a special class for the kids. Gus and Harper came back to show Karen and I all the different whale behaviors.  And Gus pointed out Hawaii on his map.  J

Maui’s getting some much needed rain; the cattle ranchers hope this ends a punishing drought from years of below-normal rainfall.  I do wish the sun was out more for E&Z&H&G but maybe it’s a blessing as the UV index is low so the kids can be outside more.

Stopped on the way home at Aloha Mixed Plate for lunch–one of my favorite places for a simple island meal.  Many of the dishes are based on the lunches that were eaten by the widely diverse plantation workers.

Back to our condos the kids hit the pool and later Gus and I went to the beach and built sand castles with the beach toys he got for Christmas.  He instructed me on how to fill the forms with sand and pack the sand down as we go.  We built two houses and a third structure between them.  Gus told me one house was for him and his family and the other was for Karen and me.  The third structure was a pizza place and he built a sidewalk between all the structures.  He finished it off by putting a small hole in the top of the two homes, which he said were swimming pools.  Simple + rewarding = a blast!

E&Z cooked dinner for us: grilled mixed vegetables and shrimp kebobs with rice. All six of us scrunch together around our small table on the lanai looking out at our million dollar view. Heaven! I asked Karen to add this to our Hawaii-supper menu rotation 🙂

Eric did stop off at Maui Brewing and picked up a couple of Growlers.

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