Still cloudy so the kids just add sunscreen and swim as much as they want. It was also cool so Gus wanted to try the heated pool at their condo. The kids and I worked as a team and had so much fun dunking Eric and then retreating to the “clubhouse,” i.e., what the kids designated the pool steps.

When we were finally able to get everyone out of the pool, showered and changed we had a late lunch at the Lahaina Pizza Company. We love the pizza there (and we discovered the mai tais are pretty good too!) Zanna and Karen had a rousing discussion about the pronunciation of “shave ice” (no “d”) and so afterwards we ended up searching for a shave ice place.  We all loved them–much better than a snow cone.

Z packed up their condo before dinner as the kids are staying with us tonight and for several nights as E&Z are ferrying over to Molokai for a few days.  I pray they have a relaxing fun adventure and enjoy some well-deserved time to themselves.

Gus gave Karen and me a valentine today so we hung it up on the refrigerator.  Most days include the card games “Go Fish” or “Uno.”  I enjoy playing but have been having a difficult time understanding the rules that the kids and Grandma have made up.

Tomorrow I hope John is around to open up the coconuts he had the tree trimmer save for the kids.

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