Yesterday E&Z, on their last night in Maui, went up to Maui Brewing and ordered a flight of beers. I have to say it is so much more fun to drink beer with Eric, who shares his knowledge and helps you enjoy the different layers of flavor.

Early this morning they headed out to Molokai, via ferry, to celebrate their 10th anniversary for a few days. They called the kids this afternoon to check-in and said the boat ride was beautiful and smooth (these channel waters can apparently get quite rough), with great whale sightings. Zanna said the locals have the Aloha Spirit, and quickly made them feel special. Zanna texted us a photo of the place they rented—just exactly what they were hoping for.

It was cloudy and rainy here for most of the day, so we hung around the condo this morning mostly reading and doing laundry. Karen thought we should hit up Lahaina for some new art supplies and books so we made the trip and by the time we got back to the condo it was 84 degrees and sunny. But the kids still wanted to stay inside and try out the art supplies; both of them were busy for at least an hour creating a lot of lovely art.  Grandma made fried chicken for dinner and it was outstanding.

Tonight Harper, Gus and I blew conch shells for the beautiful sunset.  Rosanna had sent us a text to call them before we blew the conch shell so they could listen on the phone but sadly we didn’t get the message soon enough. Definitely on the agenda for tomorrow’s sunset. (Pretty fun agenda to have!)

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