Z sent us photos of the house they are renting at Puko’o, Molokai. When we stopped at the Barnes & Noble I got a good map and discovered they are literally straight across the bay from us. Z also sent a beautiful picture of the sunrise over Maui; we face west so no sunrises for us as a rule. E&Z are on the eastern end of Molokai facing us on the western side of Maui.

Z sent a photo of their 5-mile hike today to the waterfall in Halawa valley. When we talked with them tonight they said it was an unbelievable experience: meeting the last living descendant of the valley residents and swimming underneath the falls.

When we went shopping this morning, H&G took off in our own grocery cart (to leave Grandma to her serious shopping) and had several adventures. Staff from the local fire department were there so we talked to a firefighter and the kids got Maui Fire Department badges. I did not get one L. Then the kids were in the bakery saying very nice things about the birthday cakes decorated with palm trees, the ocean and fish when a lady came out from the behind the counter and gave them a cookie. Again, I did not get one!?

After shopping we swam in the pool and played in the sand. Grandma brought out lunch and we had a picnic on the table build for Thursday night pupus for all the vacationers in our condo building.

Kids got cleaned up after the sand and pool and did art and Grandma read to them. They also practiced blowing the conch shell for sunset tonight. Eric and Zanna called at sunset and the kids blew the conch shells for them. Grandma suggested we go tomorrow to town and get another conch shell (total of 3) so H&G and I could all blow the shell tomorrow night at sunset.

Sad to say tomorrow is the last full day H&G are with us on Maui; Eric and Zanna come back to Maui early Friday morning and fly home in the evening. My brother Richard and his wife Judy are arriving Sunday though so visitor-fun continues.

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