7:00 a.m. I was at the Lahaina dock to meet the Molokai ferry with E&Z on board. Then back to the condo to soak in all the pool time, ocean time and sun before the kids head home.  John was so kind to come and show us how to open coconuts saved from the palm tree trimming earlier this week.  It tasted great and was fun to see his technique (which he said is the technique monkeys use—pounding it open on a rock).

Then it was time to clean up, have an easy takeout Chinese lunch, and start to pack. Unfortunately, Z found out their Maui flight is delayed three hours, which means they will miss their connecting flight in Dallas. She eventually was able to reschedule the second leg. Whew!

E&Z tried to take naps but the kids were pretty excited to have them back again 🙂 So a little more play time, including taking a look at a beached sea turtle, and a trip to the park down the street to burn off some energy before the long fight home.  I pray it goes smoothly!  Karen and I are very sad to see them go…. But not so sad we want to jump on a plane and live with mountains of snow. No, we’ll stay here for a bit more.

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