We don’t want to hit the pool until it is reasonably warm, therefore our mornings begin with reading, playing card games, doing art. Grandma also needed to do some grocery shopping, so the kids and I hit the mall next door and had a blast looking inside all the different stores. The biggest hit for me was a photo booth as I have fond memories of Harper and me in a photo both when she was just starting to walk.

Finally it was time for water stuff. In just a week, the kids’ water skills and enjoyment of the water have increased dramatically. Harp seems to be part fish, like her dad. She seems so natural walking along the beach, having fun with the waves.  We were in the pool most of the afternoon and out of nowhere she said she wanted to walk on the beach. She loves to have the waves chase her up and down the shore. Close to our beach we saw a huge green turtle resting on the sand. H was very respectable of its space and watched it closely. When we got back to our beach I called our friend Nancy in the condo a couple condos down to let her know the turtle was there. H wanted to go see the turtle again and by that time Nancy was there too.

Every Thursday night at 5:30 the condo managers, John and Irene, host pupus for everyone staying at Hoyochi Nikko. Those two are more than property managers—they are its guardian angels. We did not go tonight, as it’s not a kid thing, however the crowd made for a perfect audience for Gus and my sunset conch blowing performance. We got a very nice round of applause. I saw several people later and they said they were very impressed with Gus’s performance and hope he returns.

Tonight is H&G’s last night in Maui. I’m going to pick E&Z up tomorrow in Lahaina after their ferry ride from Molokai. Then I would guess there will be a few last hours in the pool and ocean and then off to the airport for their 6:00 flight home—to lots and lots of newly fallen snow.

My heart aches every time I see H&G playing in the sun and water. It is such a blessing for me to see this whole little family happily enjoying our corner of paradise, as they have been through so much in the last three years. Tonight I was holding Harper and started to think about them all leaving tomorrow and I got emotional. Harper asked what was wrong. I told her I was sad they were leaving tomorrow. She looked at me and said, “Grandpa, some people believe you can carry other people in your heart.”

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