E&Z&H&G made it home to MN safe and sound.  Z said Gus slept the entire trip and Harper slept the first long leg, and “didn’t make a peep” from Dallas to Minneapolis. I’m not sure how E&Z did 🙂

Sure is too quiet today with out them; Karen and I have been telling Harper and Gus stories all day.

From our lanai today I saw five, six-person canoes racing and then three guys spear fishing right off our beach. Then Karen and I went for our usual walk but the trade winds weren’t blowing so it was humid (I know, boo hoo).  We took some time to cool down after our walk and then went into Lahaina shopping for art, something for above the bookcase in the dining room.  But, no luck. Karen did buy earrings and some fabric. Feeling magnanimous, I bought Karen and me an ice cream cone—mine was a delicious version of macadamia vanilla.

The sunset today was spectacular. Karen said the almost infinite vista we have here reminds her every day of how vast we all really are.

Looking forward to Richard and Judy arriving tomorrow.  They get in around noon so Karen suggested we go to lunch either in Paia for a wood fired pizza or to Honu, right on the ocean in Lahaina, for excellent seafood.

With no Harper and Gus to take pictures of I have a feeling my photos will be few….