When Richard and Judy arrived Sunday, we met them at the airport and then drove four short miles to Paia for lunch at Flatbread, a pizza place with a wood-fired oven. Delicious! That evening, after they got settled in their hotel, they came over for the Sunset Tradition. Karen, in her usual unbelievable fashion, swished some ingredients together for a wonderful frittata.

Monday it was breakfast at Dukes. Richard, who is not really a coffee drinker, had remembered the coffee was outstanding—and indeed it was (as was the food). Our server, Mitch, had traveled all around the US and was, unbelievably, from Mendota Heights! After breakfast we all took off for the Coastal Trail hike that Karen’s friends had introduced us too. It turned into the most amazing whale watching, from land, I had ever seen. We came to a point where it appeared to me we were at the narrowest point of ocean between Maui and Molokai. The whales were everywhere, 10 or more, and close to shore. We finally did pull ourselves away and continued on this beautiful walk. Since we were walking in the highest UV part of the day we got overheated just as we reached the Ritz-Carlton. So we went to the bar area (overlooking the ocean and gorgeously landscaped grounds) for a cool drink and French fries. Being the manly men we are, Richard and I suggested the ladies stay in the cool beauty of the luxury hotel while we walk back to get the car. Details aren’t necessary; suffice it to say Richard and I got lost ….

After the hike we stopped at Richard and Judy’s hotel to explore the grounds and see the view from their room. Stunning! Waterfalls, small areas for family’s, exotic birds, and flowers, flowers, flowers.

That evening they came for sunset and Karen fixed the same awesome meal E&Z made us one evening: grilled shrimp & veggies on rice. This, with a gin and tonic, in February, in Maui, is my idea of a perfect meal.

Today, Richard and Judy picked us up for breakfast at the Plantation House. Then, since a soft, misty rain had started, we rode north to scout out a possible hiking trail. Stunning drive with greengreen hills,  redred rocks, cliffs and ocean.

This afternoon I just want to hang out at ours condo-by-the-beach, read, and take a dip in the ocean with my honey.

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