Thursday, February 27

After lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate, we sort of took a hike at an abandoned Ritz-Carlton golf course. We only went a short distance though, all up a steep hill, when the heat of the day got to us and we cut it short. The good news was Judy got so hot she braved the ocean with Karen and me and we had a wonderful time bobbing around in the big waves, solving all the world’s problems. After we got cleaned up and celebrated sunset, Richard and Judy took us out to one of our favorite restaurants, Honu, to thank us for having them over for dinners.

Friday, February 28

Today we planned to drive upcountry and have lunch at Hali’imaile General Store and then take a hike Richard found that’s “in the trees.” However, road construction traffic made that impossible so we quickly switched gears and had lunch ocean-side at Hula Grill. Karen and I shared fish & chips and a white swordfish (au) sandwich; both were good but the sandwich was great! Judy loves chocolate, so the ending to this meal, which we all shared (our version of being good) was a magnificent macadamia nut ice cream sandwich.

We had such a fantastic whale watching experience the last time we hiked the Coastal Trail we thought we’d give it another shot—the good news was Richard and I did NOT get lost this time. But it was cloudy and rainy and whale watching was s-l-o-w, so we headed to Lahaina for some Honolulu cookies Judy wanted. Then we all went back to our respective homes until sunset dinner.

I forgot to mention this when E&Z&H&G were here. Karen was walking with the kids down our sidewalk and when Harper turned to go up the stairs to our condo, Karen asked her how she knew which one was ours—she looked at Karen for a second (duh, Grandma) and said, “the white flower.” None of us (including the property manager who has been here for seven years) had ever noticed that each set of four condos has a different colored hibiscus with the unit #’s. Thank you H, for opening our eyes just a bit more!

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