Maui, Hawaii

Tuesday March 4

Lots of sunshine today with trade winds so the humidity is perfect. Karen and I walked our morning walk and along the way stopped to take pictures of the place friends of ours will be staying in a few weeks—thought they might enjoy some photos to help them dream about their vacation.

When we got back to the condo we were on the lanai watching the ocean and discussing what to do. Go upcountry for lunch at the General Store? Go to my favorite snorkel beach? Grocery shop?  We quickly settled for grocery shopping so we could just come back here, our very favorite place, and swim/read at our beach.

So after lunch we were at the beach when John and Irene came out to chat. We asked them what the plant was in front of Karen’s chair and John said it was a baby coconut tree. He’s been mowing it down for awhile but now he’s decided the property could use another tree so he’s going to let it grow. I agree, for what it’s worth.

Harper’s honu came back to sun itself and say “aloha” to her. I said she had already left for the mainland. He was sad and was still there waiting for her at sunset.

When E&Z were here they made grilled veggies & shrimp with rice for all of us. Karen made that again tonight and it was perfect.

I so wish I could share this beautiful paradise with all my family and friends.

IMG_1308 photo 2 photo IMG_1312