Maui, Hawaii

Wednesday March 5

Kona coffee, as always, started off the morning, along with a peanut buttered English muffin 🙂 Then after our morning walk, we decided to finally go upcountry to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch—the Haliimaile General Store: Karen ordered a coconut mint daiquiri for both of us and it was soooo good! Toasted coconut on the rim—oh yeah! I had a curried mahimahi and Karen had crab pizza with a salad. All delicious! Many years a go I purchased a hat from here and this past year it died.  So I spent big and got a new one!

On the way home we pulled over at a favorite scenic stop as the whales were very active.  We’ve stopped there many times but today the whales were everywhere! Whale Soup it’s called 🙂

Got back to our little slice of ocean and as always, it felt like home. After a dip in the ocean and pool I got a call from Dave Kampa, a corrections friend I worked with for years.  Several years ago he was seriously assaulted at Stillwater Prison and the resulting traumatic brain injury dramatically and negatively affected his life and his family’s life. He told me his story was going to be on the local news tonight because this session there is a bill in the Minnesota legislature to assist corrections staff who’ve been seriously injured in the line of duty.  If you feel so inclined, please contact your legislator to encourage him/her to support this bill. It’s very upsetting to me to see a dedicated corrections employee not be given medical support for an injury directly related to work.

A very cloudy sunset tonight but Karen noticed the sun peeking through the clouds and casting shafts of light down to the ocean.  I took a photo and thought there was no way it would be able to capture the beauty—but it came pretty close!  Love my new camera!

Every Thursday John and Irene host sunset pupus for all the guests and owners.  Eric left us two Maui Brewing growlers with some suggestions for pupus. So tomorrow I’ll bring a couple beers to share and I’m looking forward to what people think of the choices.

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