Thursday, Karen and I drove down to Kansas to visit my family. It was in the 70’s and 80’s so the early flowers were blooming and the trees were budding out. Karen loves the red bud trees and JoAnn and Roger have a great specimen in their front yard, though it was just starting to bloom. Friday was JoAnn’s birthday so Greg, Deb, Roger, Karen and I took her out for dinner at Grunauer, a German restaurant ( in Kansas City. The restaurant is in the fun, old warehouse part of KC and it was a beautiful evening.

So those are the cheerful parts. The hard part is Mom is really struggling to understand why she is still here and has had a couple falls in the last week. And more often now she is confused and anxious/frightened. One of the falls happened on Friday and so Vintage Park talked with her doctor and got physical therapy started on Saturday, to help her improve her strength and balance. We were able to take her out for a walk in a park and on a car ride so that was good; she enjoyed being outside and seeing the trees and sky.

Thank you JoAnn for all the pictures!


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