With the warmer weather…

it has been fun to get H&G outside. Gus has been exploring the woods and grounds of our condo, make-believing games for hours in the two empty lots next to us. And Harper loves to rollerblade at her house after school. Tuesday she and I helped Gus give rollerblading a try. He dressed up in all her gear and had a lot of fun.

Karen and I hiked Pilot Knob Hill (http://pilotknobpreservation.org/wp/) just a few miles from us, where we were joined by a flock of wild turkeys. The site, with a magnificent view of downtown Minneapolis and Fort Snelling, has a lot of Native American history and I’m sure we’ll return this summer with Harper and Gus. The city of Mendota Heights is restoring the area to an oak savanna and grazing horses and goats here to help in the process (which H&G will love, I’m betting).

On this past beautiful Monday, Karen, Gus and I picked Harper up at school and then couldn’t resist making a stop at the DQ on Snelling for the first ice cream of the season. Sitting in the sun, eating our cones, made the possibility of summer seem almost a reality. On about the only other nice spring day this year, Harper told us she had the best day at school ever. When Karen asked why, Harper nearly shouted, “I didn’t have to wear my coat at recess!”

Last Friday Karen had dinner with some friends so Eric, Zanna and the kids invited me out to dinner and bowling, which of course was great fun. Gus told Karen yesterday (and it seemed it was the highlight of his experience) that his bowling shoes fit “perfectly.”

Got a shock this week that I’m getting older! Received an invitation from the University of St. Thomas to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my graduation in May. Can NOT be right?!


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