Party Weekend in Kansas: Aunt Rosie’s 90th birthday and Zack’s college graduation

What a weekend! In our borrowed Suburban (thanks Tony and Bonnie!) Karen and I drove down to Kansas with Eric, Zanna, Harper and Gus. The adults were comfortable and the built-in DVD system kept the kids entertained coming and going. JoAnn and Roger, as always, were great hosts.

Rosie’s birthday brunch Saturday morning was well attended by the cousins, their spouses and kids. Sadly, the aunts and uncles are few now. I very much enjoyed visiting with everyone and had a great time. Mom was able to come, but she has lost a lot of physical and cognitive ability this past year—very sad.

For Zack’s celebration Eric brewed two beers, a Belgian Wit and American Pale Ale. (Eric had called Zack and asked him what beers he would like.) For a fun surprise Karen and Eric created two beer coasters; one had a recent photo of Zack and the other a photo when he was a young, then on the backs of each were either the ingredients or recipe for each beer. My dad was a home brewer and I know he would have gotten a kick out of his grandson brewing. Although it was so enjoyable to visit with family, I was sad Mom could not be at the party, as she was very involved in his care when he was a child.

I don’t remember ever having a trip like this with both many happy times and also difficult experiences.

Finally, a shout out to JoAnn for many of the photos—thanks, Sis!

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