Karen and I took off on Tuesday morning for a couple days in Grand Marais. Somehow (!) our timing was perfect for a lunch stop at the Scenic Café (http://www.sceniccafe.com). It’s always hard for me to imagine a place like this exists in the middle of relative nowhere. Right on Lake Superior, its gardens would be worth the stop alone, but the food is always delicious. Karen and I split one of the specials, a grilled, locally-caught, herring sandwich with lemon aioli and prosciutto—we agreed it was the best fish sandwich we ever had!

As we pulled into Grand Marais, the World’s Best Donut (http://www.worldsbestdonutsmn.com) shop was still open so we were able to snag Karen’s favorite—plain cake doughnuts. In doing so however, we learned an important truth: plain cake doughnuts need to be eaten fresh out of the fryer, in the morning.

Checked into the Best Western, explored our favorite places in town, relaxed by the beautiful lake and wished Kris and Blair and Heidi were with us. Dinner has to be at the Angry Trout Café (http://www.angrytroutcafe.com) and so it was. Can’t get enough fresh fish.

Morning found us at Worlds Best Donuts again—just us and the locals. Where was everybody? Very quiet in town.

At noon we got the phone call we were hoping for: Zanna said they’d left the BWCA, were just a few miles from GM, and were hoping we could join them for lunch at Sven & Ole’s (http://www.svenandoles.com) (E&Z&H&G had been in the Boundary Waters since Saturday). There were lots of stories, including Gus refusing to take off his winter hat because it was keeping his head wound goose egg “cozy.” Also Zanna had warned us on the phone that the kids did NOT have chicken pox, but when we saw them they were just absolutely covered with mosquito and black fly bites. The insects were very very bad; the saving grace was a very strong breeze at their site.

We ended our stay with a two-hour coast-line sailboat ride on the schooner Hjordis. It was a perfect day for sailing and Karen and I enjoyed talking to the Captain, the second mate and his wife about sailing and local stuff. The schooner is part of the North House Folk School (http://www.northhouse.org). Startling fact: the water is 37 degrees! Ice out on Lake Superior was just a couple weeks ago. We were cautioned not to fall out of the boat 🙂

Wow what a summer this has been!!!!!!!



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