Garrison Keillor kicked-off his three-day 40th anniversary party of “A Prairie Home Companion” at Macalester College (where he first broadcast the show on July 6, 1974) with a “40 Years, 40 Songs” concert out on the lawn. The evening temperature was perfect with a gentle breeze so Karen and I greatly enjoyed the four hours of music, along with hundreds (thousands?) of other 4th-of-July-celebrators.


Tony and Bonnie had invited us up to Camp Coffey too so Saturday morning we headed up Brainerd way. There were boat rides, jet skis, and fireworks (viewed from two pontoons of tied together—the VERY BEST way to watch in my opinion)! And of course, lots of great food and drink. Grandkids Nate and Noah were up along with Suzie and Jeremy, who were a doting Auntie and Uncle.

We had hoped to stop and visit Mel and her boys on our way home but they were at an Osborne family gathering. Next time ….


We left the cabin noon-ish on Sunday, we thought in plenty of time, to have birthday dinner with E&Z&H&G. But five hours later (!) we finally made it. Note to self: never underestimate holiday traffic.

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