Maui 2015: day two

My phone started ringing at 5 a.m.; someone in MN was calling me at 9 a.m. his time. The ringing woke up Karen. Bah! I can’t be mad at the MN person but Karen can be mad at me for not setting my phone to ring only after a decent time. However, she wasn’t mad. After 40 years of marriage some things are easily sorted out. But you can be sure I’ll have the ring off tonight and every night we are here. One nice thing about being up so early is seeing the setting moon between Lanai and Molokai. I also noticed the rain water from the night had collected in cool shapes on the lanai glass table, so I took a photo and thought it might be a shot Eric (with his great eye) would take.

After breakfast we went for our daily ocean walk. Our friend Chuck had asked that we send him a photo of his and his wife Donna’s favorite beach, so we grabbed a couple shots for him. The bananas outside our condo make me think: we’re not in Kansas any more!

After the walk, Karen had food prep to do, so I went down to soak in the ocean and to “help” John with his step project. You can see in the photo Dave, another guest, “supervising” John. After awhile I thought John needed a break so I asked him to come over for a photo with him, all dirty from working, and his wife Irene and Jody the exuberant housecleaner; these three do an outstanding job of living aloha.

Lunch was at Honu, where the fish is always excellent and view of the ocean is fantastic. Karen and I both had monchong, dore style, which has capers. I love capers.

Then to the condo for reading and whale watching at the beach. The winds and waves were wild today, so swimming was out; another day. No cool sunset pictures tonight—blah color. But we do have a few more sunsets to go 🙂

IMG_3183 IMG_3192 IMG_6215 IMG_3853 IMG_3846 IMG_3847 IMG_3842 IMG_3843 IMG_3194