Maui 2015: day three

The usual jet lag has Karen and I waking early. But today we slept in a bit, though I still was up early enough to see the moon set. Usual morning routine with ocean walk.

It was a perfect day with sun and trade winds. We had planned on swimming since it was calmer, but by the time we were ready to go in the waves had picked up again. So we’ll wait for another day. Finished “The Hawaiian Survival Handbook” and started “Another Great Day at Sea-Life Aboard the USS George H. W. Bush.”

A sea turtle showed up on the beach and I went down several times to watch him.

It’s Thursday night, so that means sunset pupus. The property managers, John and Irene, bring pupus and the guests usually bring something to share too (Karen fried chicken wings this time). It is always fun getting to know the other people, and we often know some from previous years.

My sister JoAnn had knee replacement surgery early this week and was ready for discharge today. I did talk to her and she is doing well but still in pain. It was nice to hear her voice. Also skyped with my brother Richard. He and Judy are arriving on Maui Sunday. Made reservations today for all of us to have lunch on Valentines Day at Mamas Fish House (my favorite restaurant in the world). And then that evening we’re going to a concert at the Sheraton Hotel with two of our favorite Hawaiian singers, Willie K and Amy Hanaiali’i.

Only thing planned for tomorrow is to go over to see Scott, Chris and their friends at the Hyatt. It will be their last evening before heading home to California.

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