Maui 2015: Day 4

After breakfast and our walk, I had to check on how John’s step rebuilding project was coming along. Then time on the lanai to relax and read. After Karen made lunch, we went down to the ocean for sun and more reading time, but since the waves were much smoother today, we decided to go for a swim. We weren’t in very long though before a monster wave caught Karen just right and ripped her glasses off her head, never to be found despite my best snorkeling efforts.

So … we drove around the island to Kahului and she picked out new frames at LensCrafters. HealthPartners was closed when all this happened, so she’ll call them at 5:00 a.m. (Hawaiian time) tomorrow and have them fax her prescription to the LensCrafters. We’ll go back into town tomorrow and pick up her new glasses. For any who don’t know, LensCrafters can actually make glasses in an hour! (If Karen had her prescription she could have gotten them today.)

She was feeling braindead, since she couldn’t see, so it was takeout mahimahi for dinner. Life is good. Tonight the sunset had some color for the first time since we arrived. Don’t worry Mike Dwyer, you’re going to be stuck looking at many more. I find it interesting that most people come down to the ocean to watch the sunset but then leave as soon as the sun goes below the horizon. For those of us in the know (ahem!) often the most vibrant colors come much later.

Post-sunset we were invited over to Chris and Scott’s Hyatt condo for drinks and pupus. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and their friends Nick and Janeice. It made me wish we saw Scott and Chris more often. One of these photos is of the Hyatt’s hostess stand—just thought it was beautiful.

Maui 2015: Day 5

Up at 5:00 so Karen could call HealthPartners and have them fax her prescription to LensCrafters. Got in our walk and I also went down to the ocean for a while. Then, of course, I had to check up on John again and his project. I had the pleasure of meeting his and Irene’s newly arrived son, John Jr. from Missouri. Naturally, he was out getting his hands dirty along side his dad.

We picked up Karen’s new glasses around noon; she looks great in them (I even helped pick out the frames!) so all is right with her world now. The book “Maui’s Top Restaurants” recommended the Vietnamese restaurant, A Saigon Café, so we had to check it out since we were in the neighborhood. Both of our meals (#39 and #42) were outstanding—fresh, light, and tasty. The server was fun to interact with and he taught me the correct way to say “aloha” so I don’t sound like I’m from the mainland 🙂

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