Maui 2015: Day 8

While I took a morning walk to check out the new palm tree growing on the property and the bird tracks in the sand, Karen worked on an editing job; nice working conditions! Then we got in our daily walk before lunch at the Plantation House with Richard and Judy. It’s on a beautiful golf course and at a higher altitude so the views of the sea and sounding islands are fantastic. The weather is cooler and wetter there so the vegetation is more lush; lots of Norfolk Island pines.

On the way home we stopped to look at a condo on the grounds of the Ritz Carlton that Chris and Scott had rented several times. We also went looking for the labyrinth in the rocks by the ocean, but some of us (ahem, Karen) had not worn the best shoes for walking on the rocks. We will come back.

That evening while eating fried chicken at Chez Karen, a cruise ship passed by, headed probably for Oahu.

Day 9

After lunch at our beloved Aloha Mixed Plate, the four of us went to a nearby Buddhist temple; this Buddha honors Hawaii’s Japanese immigrants. Then we drove to a Botanical Garden in Kahalui, filled with native Hawaiian plants (the brochure was amazingly helpful). Karen was thrilled to finally see breadfruit and kukui nut trees. Then, you guessed it: naps, drinks, sunset, conch shell blowing, and dinner (BLT’s).

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