Maui 2015: Day 14

Karen took this photo of my brother Richard and me at the botanical garden a few days ago. Seeing it reminded me that Richard’s new favorite joke is to introduce us as: “This is David, my oldest brother, and I’m Richard, his older brother.” Some people get it and some are left scratching their heads.

An extra-specially good lunch today at Aloha Mixed Plate. Learned that they finally got a liquor license for the area closest to the ocean. Yea! Though we were good and just had ice tea. But still … another time.

Amber flew in this afternoon, so Karen and I had the pleasure of greeting her in grand aloha style with a lei and a hug. (On the way to the airport we spotted the hulihuli chicken guy, way south of his former spot in Lahaina. Karen really wants to stop and try some but it’s just never been in the cards. On our to-do list before we leave.) Amber was surprised and beyond delighted by her classy new digs at the Westin.

Richard, Judy, Susan, Cal and Amber had us over for BBQ chicken (really, hulihuli chicken, I suppose). Cal and Susan did the cooking honors. Amber and Judy frolicked in the ocean before dinner.

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